A City X Project Update from Behind the Scenes


A visual history of the many logos we've used since inception.

A visual history of the many logos we’ve used since inception.

Things have been quiet on our website, but far from it in our Wisconsin and California offices. After our recent workshops in Lebanon we found ourselves on somewhat of a summer break. Primary schools in just about every country have a summer break (or winter break, in the southern hemisphere), which means that we weren’t traveling to run City X Project workshops, so we took the opportunity to hone some of our efforts.

We’ve seen a lot of interest in the City X Project, but with so many new concepts coming together to make this Project as unique as it is (such as 3D printing with kids, and design thinking as an educational approach), we found that a lot of educators and makers potentially interested in what we were offering weren’t entirely sure just what it was we were offering. We took a few weeks and did a ground-up rebuild of our website in a way that more cogently explains the City X Project and its outcomes (our workshop, our toolkit, and the installation). But we didn’t stop there, we also started anew with our 4-page informational PDF packet that gets sent to interested schools.

We even went so far as to update our logo, because the letter “X” was often lost in there, and the “City Project” just doesn’t carry the same weight. And while we were at it, we updated our color scheme to something that was a little easier on the eyes.

But we’ve done more than just some branding work. We also have upcoming trips to Alaska, Budapest, and Chicago for workshops. Check back for more info, sign up for our email updates, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with our adventures and the progress of the City X Project.