Favorite Inventions from Budapest


Since our workshop in Alaska we’ve been doing brief roundups of a few of our favorite inventions from workshops, and several folks have asked us to do it again for Budapest. Below are just three of our favorite inventions from the extraordinarily talented kids at Szemere Bertalan school in Budapest.

Three other students had their inventions 3D printed and their portraits included in our multinational exhibition of City X Project creations in Budapest.

If you’d like to see some other inventions by these 3D modeling wizards, just search for “#cityx #budapest” on Tinkercad!


Kristóf was presented with a problem about water, food, and health, faced by Malika on City X. This boy was quite the clay craftsman!


Kristóf calls his invention the “VÜ 4000.” It’s a robotic crane that will carry containers of water (and other things) around City X!


Panaitescu was helping Allessia on City X, who faced a transportation problem. She was one of the lucky kids who got to see her invention 3D printed in school!


Her invention is the called the X2000 Flyer, and it’s a kid-friendly mini plane for easy transportation in City X!


Levente was helping Shelby on City X, who faced an environmental problem.


Levente’s szűrő, which roughly translates to “filters,” are balls made out of a special material that absorb oil and other pollutants out of water, so that they can be easily scooped out and disposed of properly. Levente could team up with this kid and rid the world of water pollutants in no time!