City X Project Year in Review


Traditionally, yes, a Year in Review post would be put up before 2013 ends, but in December we were pretty busy teaching Chicagoans about 3D printing and the Design Process. Still, we feel it’s important to reflect on the tremendous impact the City X Project has had in 2013.

In December 2012 Brett, Libby, and I sat around a coffee table talking about Libby’s idea to bring 3D printers into classrooms and see what kids could make. Back then we didn’t have a name, there was no story about human settlements on new planets, and all we had in the way of 3D printers were borrowed from a local technical college. Now we’ve got a sponsorship from 3D Systems and are working with the Pearson Foundation and Project MASH to align the City X Project to Common Core standards.

Looking back on 2013, we’re celebrating having expanded our program to include 16 workshops in 3 countries around the world. Looking ahead, by this time next year we’ll be celebrating the success of our design thinking educator’s toolkit.

Here’s a brief overview of 2013 with the City X Project.

City X Project 2013 by the Numbers Infographic