3D Printing for Kids: Free Toolkit Coming Soon


A kid uses 3D modeling software with a 3D printer in the background.

We describe the City X Project as many things, such as a design thinking workshop and a creativity workshop, but up until this point it’s also largely been an experiment.

When we partnered with 3D Systems we aspired to create one of the first internationally tested 3D printing curriculums for kids. That’s why we spent 2013 traveling to places like Lebanon, Hungary, and a remote village in Alaska. Now, we’re finalizing that curriculum and aligning it with Common Core Standards thanks to help from our newest partners at the Pearson Foundation.

If I had a tip for a teacher that was hoping to run this it would be, “Don’t hesitate.” You need to do whatever it takes to get this project into your classroom.
-Markus Hartnett, 5th Grade Teacher at Glen Grove Elementary, Glenview IL

3D printing for kids is a powerful and daunting notion, but there are limited resources currently available. Our toolkit will offer a comprehensive overview of the City X Project, its goals, and everything an educator needs run the workshop locally, in their school or community, by themselves, for free.

Update March 4: The toolkit will be released on April 8th, 2014!