Contest: Become a Permanent Part of the City X Project


Last week we launched our first ever City X Project competition, but what we didn’t tell you is that this is actually just part one of a two-part competition.

Part 1: Become a Citizen of City X

We’re asking educators around the world to submit to us their own version of a City X Project citizen card, including a problem that relates to a social issue, their name, and, if they want, their photo. We’ll use the winner’s information to create the 40th City X citizen card, with the first name and City X-ified, cartoon likeness of the winning entrant. This citizen card will become a permanent part of the City X Project toolkit!

Why are we doing this? Well, for one thing it’s pretty awesome to be among the first 40 people of Earth to travel to City X – fictitious though our story may be – and who doesn’t want to tell their students that their teacher is actually one of the people in the City X story? But more than that, we want to hear about the social issues that educators think are the most important for their students to be thinking about. Whether it’s about health, the environment, food, or something else, we want to know what you think.

Part 2: An Open Competition to Design an Invention for the 40th Citizen

After the contest is closed (March 17th!), we’ll put the winning entry online and ask kids to invent a solution to that citizen’s problem. This can be done using the free 3D modeling software we use in our workshops: either Tinkercad or 123D Design. We’re planning on having some pretty awesome prizes available for the lucky winner of this follow-up contest!

Contest has concluded.