Why We Moved to Chicago


Chicago skyline

The City X team likes to think of itself as not truly headquartered, considering we are but three people that all work location-independently, but recently two members of our team of three, including myself, moved from Appleton, Wisconsin, to Chicago. The Director of the City X Project, Libby, remains in San Francisco.

Why Chicago? Partly it’s a larger shift by the nonprofit organization that operates City X, IDEAco, to better represent itself in major innovation hubs like Chicago and San Francisco, partly it’s because the City X Project itself obviously stands to benefit from being a part of the incredible technology and education communities in Chicago.

Chicago is one of our favorite cities in the world anyway, and we’ve been to many cities. There are new innovative initiatives happening all the time in the Windy City. Just last week Chicago received a massive grant to build a new digital manufacturing institute, which was part of a national competition. Digital manufacturing, of course, has a lot to do with 3D printing. Perhaps some kids from our 3D printing workshop will even end up at this institute some day!

We’ve already had a fantastic time running a Chicagoland City X Project workshop at Glen Grove School in Glenview, out by O’Hare.

We couldn’t be happier about being a part of the Chicago creative community, and we’re eager to start getting out there and moving forward with the City X Project in more ways than ever. We’ve already got some pretty big ideas in the pipeline even beyond the upcoming release of our toolkit. And, let’s be honest, being this close to O’Hare will make our international trips that much easier!

By the way, if anyone in Chicago knows of a workspace two of our team members could work from for just a few weeks while we transition, we’d be very grateful for your help!