The City X Project Toolkit for Educators is Here!


iPad displaying Prototype and Test graphic in classroom

After 120,000 miles of travel and over 500 student inventions from workshops on three continents, we are delighted to release the City X Project toolkit for educators!

This toolkit, available as a free download at, includes:

  • Instructor’s Guide: a step-by-step walkthrough for running the City X Project workshop
  • Presentation including five integrated City X videos
  • Printable character cards
  • Printable student workbooks
  • Point-by-point alignment with various Common Core State Standards
  • Materials & equipment list
  • Tips & tricks for teaching 3D modeling software to kids
  • Tips & Tricks for 3D printing with kids

Since the beginning, our goal for the City X Project has been to release a freely available toolkit that enables other educators to run the workshop. We’ve spent the last 18 months developing and testing our program around the world and now it’s available to everyone as an Open Education Resource.

If you’re an educator, bring City X Project to your school, museum, or library by downloading the toolkit! If you’re an organization interested in licensing our curriculum, we’d love to hear from you.

And when you run a workshop, our team would absolutely love to see photos on Twitter (tweet @CityXProject) or on Facebook!


  • n edwards

    I’ve been refreshing your website throughout the day looking forward to the Toolkit release. We just got a Makerbot in my classroom, and this curriculum will be a perfect fit for my students. Thank you so much for all the hard work your team has done preparing this resource.

    • City X Project

      We’re so glad you’re excited!! And congrats on your MakerBot! Please be sure to let us know how your experience with the toolkit is and tweet some photos at us!