A Sneak Peek of Our Free 3D Printing Toolkit for Kids


We’ve been hard at work finalizing the the City X Project toolkit over the past few weeks, and we’re continuing to work hard to make sure we have everything we promised ready by our April 8th release date, less than a week away!

As far as we know, the City X Project is the most educationally relevant 3D printing curriculum today, and quite possibly the only free 3D printing toolkit for kids. We see other 3D printing and design thinking initiatives for kids¬†(which, let me be clear, is absolutely awesome and we don’t view any of them as competitors) but our curriculum appears to be the only one integrating 3D printing and 3D modeling technologies in a workshop that aligns with Common Core State Standards. Specifically, we align with several Language Arts and Mathematics standards for grades 3 through 5.

We wanted to take a moment to share a preview of our hard work with you. We’re still making final edits, but I present to you the first publicly available peak of the City X Project toolkit! Click sections to enlarge.

The Instructor’s Guide

The Instructor’s Guide is the main feature of our toolkit. With a year of research and experimentation with nearly 600 kids in four countries behind it, this document includes, in great detail, everything you need to know to facilitate our design thinking workshop in your classroom. You’ll have your kids inventing in no time, whether or not you have a 3D printer available, and regardless of your level of experience with 3D modeling and 3D printing!

City X Project instructor guide welcome excerpt

City X Project instructor guide "What Students Will Learn" excerpt

City X Project Instructor Guide's "Leading the Workshop" excerpt

The Citizen Cards

The citizen cards embody the City X Project story, and are instrumental in Step 1 of the Design Process: Empathy. The citizen cards are distributed to each student participating. Each citizen expresses a social issue that the student must create an invention to solve.

City X Project character cards

The Student Designer Workbook

The City X Project Designer Workbook guides students through the steps of the design process. In the excerpt below, students are guided from their clay (or otherwise constructed) prototypes of their inventions and into the realm of digital 3D modeling.

City X Project student workbook excerpt