Visit City X Project Contest Winner Announced


In the midst of preparing for the City X Project Toolkit release on April 8th, we have finally concluded and selected a winner for the Visit City X Contest!

Without further ado, congratulations to Ross L, from Appleton, Wisconsin! Ross will now become the 40th City X citizen, with his own citizen card as a permanent part of the City X Project toolkit. The citizen card for Ross will read:

Ross citizen card

It’s hard to give everyone access to communication that’s good, fast, and affordable. How can we fix that?

We had some great entries to choose from, but what we especially like about Ross’ communication issue is that it’s very nearly universal and particularly relevant to a classroom setting. The notion of communication is, in many ways, also an issue of education. We’re confident that students participating in the City X Project will be particularly responsive to the problem of communication being “fast.” If you’ve ever tried to run a web app with a room full of 10-year-olds on a slow Internet connection, you’ll know what we mean.

Said Ross of this issue,

This issue is important because access to communication, especially the internet, is something that provides upward mobility and opportunity. Thinking about making methods of communication open, fast, reliable, and inexpensive is something that will make our world a better place.

We’re also excited to see how kids around the United States and around the world interpret this problem differently.

Disclaimer: Two of our team members know Ross personally, however, all entries to our contest were reviewed by the entire City X Team until a unanimous decision was reached based on merit and uniqueness of the entry.