Now City X Project Regional Partner in Denmark


Last week Brett and I spent a week riding bicycles – and more often dodging them – in Copenhagen, where we certified our newest regional City X Project partner, As an e-commerce company, Saxo will be using the City X Project with new educational initiatives and platforms that they’ve developed, but they’re also supporting educational initiatives throughout their hometown of Copenhagen.

One such initiative, supported largely by the local Microsoft office, is called Coding Pirates, which Brett and I got to witness a session of. Though we don’t speak Danish and were quite lost during at the beginning, the purpose was clear; Coding Pirates gathers kids for playful workshops in whatever interests them, from programming and Minecraft education platforms to drones and, perhaps soon, 3D printing. From there, kids learn by doing, without any formal instruction. Several Coding Pirates volunteers were also wonderful enough to donate their time to facilitating our first City X Project workshop at the Saxo offices.

Students work with a facilitator during a City X Project workshop

We also exhibited the City X Project at the Driving Technology conference, which featured a host of Singularity University visionaries. Though the conference was geared toward C-level executives from around Scandinavia, host Salim Ismail, SU’s Global Ambassador and a Founding Executive, stressed the importance of teaching the power of exponential technologies to kids aged 8–12. It’s no coincidence that we target this exact age range with the City X Project. Introducing powerful 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies at a young age inspires and enables kids to utilize these technologies in the future.

We’re tremendously grateful for Saxo’s support and hospitality in creating this new regional partnership in Scandinavia, and we feel confident that this partnership will offer promising opportunities moving forward.

Copenhagen sunset


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