XYC Startup Disaster Mesh Filing Patents and Heading Abroad


We’re very excited to announce that one of the technology startups to come from our Exponential Youth Camp (XYC) program at Singularity University this summer has been invited to exhibit a working prototype at Maker Faire Rome October 3-5. The company, Disaster Mesh, was invited after exhibiting their concept during the XYC closing ceremonies at Singularity University’s Mountain View campus in July. Students involved in Disaster Mesh range from age 16 to 19.

However, one condition of their all-expense paid trip to Rome is that they had to be able to exhibit a functional prototype, a milestone which they had not quite realized before their 5-week XYC experiment came to a close. That’s when our partners at Singularity University stepped in to help make sure these kids could realize their goal.

Team Disaster Mesh during Exponential Youth Camp graduating ceremonies. Photo Credit: Singularity University Team Disaster Mesh during Exponential Youth Camp graduating ceremonies.
Photo Credit: Singularity University

Last month the entire Disaster Mesh team returned to the Singularity University campus for three full days of building their prototype alongside SU’s Innovation Lab staff (including a soldering lesson from SU CEO Rob Nail!), a full day of patent consultation and applications with SU’s legal team, and a full day of business development facilitated by Singularity University Labs Managing Director Pascal Finette.

We couldn’t be more proud of this exceptionally motivated group of students, and their role in helping Singularity University to achieve its vision of positively impacting 1 billion lives.


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