How to build a Changemaker

in three simple steps:


We teach Design Thinking as an effective process for tackling challenges.


We deeply integrate technology as a powerful tool for problem solving.


We emphasize real-world application and impact as motivation to bring ideas to life.


Our Vision for Global Change

We see a world in which everyone has access to the tools, resources, and skills to bring about Change, and is actively using them to create real-world impact. We want to make Change exponential.

An integral part of our programming is the application of these ideals in a global context. To create a world of Changemakers, we create scalable models and experiences that bridge boundaries, connect people around the world, and generate meaningful interactions that enhance understanding and motivate people to make Change.

Our Core Values

Never be ordinary
Always be ego-free
Build community
Do the right thing
Live with passion

Take a Look

We believe in being transparent about our programs, impact, financials, and operations.

Figures and data on all of these topics are readily available on request right now, and we are actively working to build more public features into this page, including impact tracking and mapping and downloadable financial and annual reports.

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